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Invest in Real Estate

Types of Investments

Fixer Upper Properties

Cherrypick Investments purchases many homes that are in need of renovation and repair.  These homes are structurally sound, but need to be updated.  We purchase these homes at below market value, and we sell many of them to investors who are looking for fixer upper homes.


Our team can help you find a great home to invest in!  We have a wide selection of fixer upper houses that we can resell to you at a fair price, enabling you to make the necessary renovations without breaking the bank.

Rental Properties

Cherrypick Investments has a great selection of renovated homes, as well!  You may be looking to invest in a move-in ready home to make a monthly income off of.  No problem!  Since we buy our homes at prices that are below market value, we can sell them to investors at very reasonable prices.  Contact a team member to find your perfect rental property today!

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Selling Your Real Estate Investments

Maybe your real estate investment isn't working out as planned.  If you are looking to sell your real estate investment, Cherrypick Investments will make an offer on your property, in "as-is" condition.  Click here to learn more about selling your property to Cherrypick Investments.

We'll Buy Your House!

Thank you for submitting your house information. Someone from our team will be in contact with you soon!

Real Estate Investment Opportunities

Are you just getting started in real estate investing?  Or maybe you're an experienced investor looking to purchase more properties.  Either way, Cherrypick Investments has some amazing opportunities for you!


Cherrypick Investments specializes in purchasing homes in "as-is" condition for a quick cash buyout.  After purchasing the home, we renovate, repair and update them so they are ready for sale or rent.


We work with real estate investors in a number of ways.  We have a variety of properties available, including turnkey rental properties, as well as homes that have not yet been renovated and will sell far below market value.

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