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About Cherry Pick Investments

Cherrypick Investments, LLC has been grown out of a need to service a business market that is eager to make real estate investments, and to process the selling of property in the simplest and most efficient way possible.


Founders Michael Loughrey and Avi Azoulay found that by offering turn-key services, they were able to capture private equity investors who were happy to use Cherrypick Investments' expertise and exclusive vendors to help make their money work for them.  On top of this, by offering multiple acquisition options for home sellers, they found that they could present a scenario that works best for all clients and helps them improve their lives.


The company, with offices in downtown Phoenix, works tirelessly to cover all aspects of real estate investment in both the residential and commercial marketplace.  Possessing complete knowledge of real esta-

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te environment and all transactions involved allows them to offer the best opportunities to all clients, investing or selling. Countless experiences have made both Mike and Avi experts in the field of real estate investing, and they are willing to share their expertise with any and all investors and property sellerse.


Overseeing every part of a distressed property acquisition and refurbish is only a part of what Mike and Avi specialize in and offer to clients.  Offering phenomenal deals for property and offering aid in all processes prior to and after the sale of a home is just another part of what they do here for their clientele.  They know that there is a scenario of success for all prospective investors and home sellers, and they make sure that they can extent that scenario to their clients.


Cherrypick Investments is not just looking to purchase property or obtain investors, but to improve the lives of all of the people with whom we work.

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