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Customer Testimonials

After going through a nasty divorce, I was left with a house that was too big for me, and that I could not afford.  To avoid having a foreclosure looming over my head, I sold my house to Cherrypick Investments.  The team was extremely helpful during the process and the sale went through in about a week.  They were really committed to helping me out of my sticky situation.

- Janet L.

I was a first-time real estate investor, and I really did not know the ropes of the business.  Cherrypick Investments helped explain the business of real estate investment to me, and they offered a big selection of investment properties.  I was able to find a great property to buy for a very fair price.  Thanks guys!

- Chris S.

Our kids moved out and we needed to downsize.  We have sold in the past with a regular real estate agent and it took forever.  Our house was on the market for so long with no bites.  We didn't want to have to go through this again, and we are so happy to have found Cherrypick Investments.  They have such a simple process and offered us a great price for our house.

- Jackie P.

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